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Signs You Need Brake Repair Service

Other than expecting your brakes to work, you want them to work on every time you use your car. Moreover, they need to work at their best. As you know, it takes a single mishap, and you get yourself in a bad situation.

It is unfortunate that most drivers forget about brakes over time. That is because it is not often that you get to slam on the brakes and then stop suddenly. When driving normally, most braking will involve gradual stopping at the different intersections or into the parking lot. In fact, after several months of use, it might be quite difficult to notice the inevitable decrease in performance. The following are some of the signs that can help you know that you need brake service or repair.


Most types of brakes come with a piece of metal that is designed to make terrible, loud sound whenever you use them. This is done to alert the drivers that the brakes have worn out to a given extent. Grinding follows if you continue to ignore the sound. Usually, the grinding sound is usually caused by bolts that hold the brakes together and grind into the rotor.


Rotors ought to stay flat and free from damage to provide effective braking. As a result, the pads have a minimal surface area to clamp down on. The uneven rotors may be caused by damage like gouging from the worn-out brakes or even warping, which usually happens during winter. You should note that braking causes a lot of friction and heat. Puddles and snow can cool off the rotors when in a hurry, and constant fluctuation from cold and hot is likely to cause warping.

Dashboard Light

You should note that modern cars come with features such as anti-lock braking and stopping assist. If the dashboard light is on, you need to get the car checked out immediately to avoid dangerous situations.

Squishy Brakes

If you discover that your brakes are quite slow to respond, it may be a sign that you have a leak in the brakes. Just like hydraulic fluid, all vehicles have braking systems filled with fluid that transfers the pressure from the pedal to the brake. Some are pneumatic in nature. Without the fluid, the brakes will not work well enough to drive your car safely.

Hot Brakes

As you know, friction makes brakes hot as it creates heat. When the brakes are work, the quicker they heat up and even stay hot.…